Ansmann Energy UK is now Ansmann UK

Ansmann UK from Tantronics We are pleased to announce that ANSMANN’s UK division have now moved to larger premises and to reflect our wider product range, we have also decided to drop the word “ENERGY” from our company name. So with immediate effect, our name has changed from: “ANSMANN ENERGY (UK) LTD” to “ANSMANN UK LTD”

Ansmann 4 Kids – Smurfs

Ansmann 4 KIDS

Ansmann 4 KIDS

Ansmann now have a range of high quality licensed Smurf products aimed at Kids.

These include a range of Smurf Night Lights and torches to complement the already popular “4 Kids” lineup.

Baby Smurf

Baby Smurf



The SMURFS™ camping lamp

The SMURFS™ camping lamp

Ansmann Energy 4 Speed Set

Ansmann Energy 4 Speed SetAnsmann Energy 4 Speed Microprocessor controlled charger with 4 x High Capacity Ansmann batteries For up to 4x Micro AAA, Mignon AA Adjustable charging current “Fast charge / Standard charge” (850mA/350mA for Micro AAA and 2100mA/850mA for Mignon AA) Charging time for Mignon AA 0.6/1.4h Multiple over charging protection by –deltaV detection, temperature control and... Read More »

Ansmann 2850 Digital High Performance Rechargeable AA Battery

Ansmann 2850 Digital High Performance Rechargeable AA BatteryAnsmann 2850 Digital Rechargeable Batteries Mignon / AA / HR6 These are the latest generation of High Performance Rechargeable Batteries from Ansmann 2 years warranty Designed to supply higher current Fast rechargeable Application range: digital cameras, flash, etc. Diameter: 14.5mm Height: 50.5mm Bulk packaging (Part No.: 5035021) 2 pcs blister card (Part No.: 5035082) 4... Read More »

Ansmann Powerline Chargers now available with eneloop batteries

Ansmann Powerline Chargers now available with eneloop batteriesAnsmann Powerline battery chargers are now available from Tantronics with Panasonic eneloop batteries. Tantronics are now offering a range of Ansmann chargers bundled with the latest Panasonic eneloop rechargeable batteries, allowing customers to buy award winning top quality battery chargers to compliment the well known eneloop batteries from Panasonic (formally Sanyo eneloop). Available from Ansmann UK... Read More »

Ansmann ALCT 6-24/10 Lead Acid Battery Charger

Ansmann ALCT 6-24/10 Lead Acid Battery ChargerALCT 6-24/10 Lead acid charger for 6V/12V/24V lead acid, SLA batteries With the help of high-quality pole terminals a fast and reliable contact of lead acid batteries is possible Automatic voltage identification / Autosensing Clear LED display – easy to use Adjustable charging current Automatic REFRESH mode: If the battery is completely discharged, the charger... Read More »

Ansmann ALCT 12-4 Pro Lead Acid Battery Charger

Ansmann ALCT 12-4 Pro Lead Acid Battery ChargerThe Ansmann ALCT 12-4 Pro Lead Acid Battery Charger (Similar to the Ring RSC4 Car Battery Charger) is a 4 A smart lead acid battery charger ideal for charging Car and Caravan type lead acid batteries. This charger can even be used with some portable power packs and jump starter. It’s a robust water and dust resistant... Read More »

Starlight Ladybird LED projector night light

Starlight Ladybird LED projector night lightThis Ansmann Starlight Ladybird is one of a range of Ansmann Baby Nightlights. The unit is in the style of a Ladybird and projects a starry sky onto the ceiling and walls of a darkened bedroom. There is a button on the top of the night light to change the colours from Yellow to Green... Read More »

Ansmann ACS310 Traveller Battery Pack Charger

Ansmann ACS310 Traveller Battery Pack ChargerANSMANN offers a battery pack charger which is unique in this application area. The ACS 310 traveller is a battery pack charger that allows 3-10 cells of NiCd or NiMH in packs to be charged fully automatically with 800 mAh charging current and up to a capacity of 10000 mAh. The Microcontroller tunes automatically in... Read More »

Ansmann Powerline 8

Ansmann Powerline 8The perfect battery charger with discharge function for users with an extraordinary power demand The POWERLINE 8 is the perfect all-round solution for photographers, RC modellers and other intensive battery users who need to charge a multitude of rechargeable batteries often and quickly. The intelligent fast charger is suitable for up to eight Mignon AA and/or Micro AAA... Read More »

Ansmann Powerline 4 Light

Ansmann Powerline 4 LightNEW from Ansmann the Powerline 4 Light Intelligent battery charger Charger for 1-4 AAA or AA batteries Multiple over-charge protection Individual supervision of every cell position and faulty cell detection Charge any combination of AA or AAA rechargeable cells at the same time Trickle charge once charging is complete World-Wide Power Supply (UK & Euro Plug)... Read More »